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The short answer I believe is yes. Of course it will come with quite a bit of work and unless you want to keep the exterior in the old cottage style and just modernize the interior then it may be better to just tear it down. I however would love keeping the old style exterior and modernizing the interior especially the work space.

This first thing I would do is start with modern windows. Lows has many window styles but I think something like theses would be perfect to modernize an old cottage style home. What makes a window modern is that it is large with no colonial panes in the window. As soon as you add the crisscross to make the panes you lose the modern effect. Generally if you use replacement windows then the cost is not too expensive. Make sure you get windows with low e glass so that you can block out a lot of the sun’s damaging rays and still have plenty of light. Lots of natural light coming in a window also make a home more modern. And if you have enough privacy then you do not need window treatments which again adds to a modern look. If you are not going to have any window treatments you must have low e glass and it does not cost much more. You can get all the information for windows at .

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The kitchen is another way to bring a cottage home into the modern age. To do this I would have simple modern cabinets with either a granite or quartz countertop. Both will remain in style for a long time but at the moment quartz is a little more popular mainly because there are no maintenance issues. But of all my years in business I have never had anyone say they were not happy with granite. Stainless steel is very modern and I have seen it used for cabinets but it is a very commercial look and I think that is going too far for a cottage. Of course stainless steel appliances are a must. There is maintenance required with stainless steel because it shows all the finger prints ect. But I would still go with the real stainless not the imitation.

So yes with some work you can enjoy your cottage in the modern world.